Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Exide Home UPS Models - Sine wave

Exide Home UPS Models - Pure Sine wave Models Listed Here:

Exide UPS comes with Quasi Sine Wave Home UPS, high end DSP based Pure SINE WAVE Home UPS features Exide offer various models which from EXIDE 650VA Home UPS, EXIDE 850VA Home UPS, EXIDE Pure sine wave 1450VA

Features of all Exide Home UPS Sine wave Models

  1. Output Socket: Additional output socket on the rear panel is an added input for emergency
  2. Change Over: Very fast change over time from Mains to UPS and vice versa
  3. Compact Surface Mount Technology: Reduces PCB size and enhances reliability
  4. Battery Charging, Charged, Power ON/OFF Indicators
  5. Battery Charging - 3 slots. Selectable Option: 9A/11A/13A manual battery charging selection sliding switch
  6. LCD Display: Shows status of battery voltage, AC Main Volt, Mains Cut and Load percentage on LCD
  7. Electrolyte Sensor: A red blinking LED indicates need for battery topping up (optional)
  8. Manual Bypass: Rocker Switch for manual operation to bypass mains input