Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Causes for Battery failures

Automotive Battery Failure causes

Accidental power drains (like leaving your headlights or dome lights on) that discharge the battery to the point that it doesn’t have enough power to start the vehicle. Draining the battery to a very low state-of-charge can do permanent capacity damage. Another common cause of battery failure is from putting the wrong battery in the wrong application. For instance, if the vehicle requires a certain amount of starting power, installing a battery that isn’t designed to provide that much starting power will quickly wear out to the point of a no-start situation. Also, if the battery’s dimensions don’t align with the vehicle’s recommendations, it might not have a good fit and suffer damage from vibration or clearance issues.

Always pay close attention to the Battery Application Guide and specifically follow its instructions. Higher temperatures also have a detrimental effect on battery life. However, in the cold, oil and transmission fluids are more viscous so getting the car started requires more energy.

In general, extreme temperatures, hot or cold, have an adverse affect on battery
life. However, it’s the heat that does most of the damage, but more batteries actually fail when they’re put to the test in the cold.


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