Saturday, 13 June 2015

Exide car battery ranks No.1 in India | Best Car Battery in India

Exide car battery ranks No.1 in India

Every car battery owners wants to replace with the best car battery. we have evaluated and the best car battery here based on the following

Top 10 reasons, why Exide is the best car battery in India

  • 1. Best Suitable batteries for Hot temperatures, Most of the customers prefer Exide Brand, excellent reputation in the market, extremely well reliable, Good Customer reviews
  • 2. Wide Area support Network after Sales
  • 3. Specially Design for Indian Conditions
  • 4. Hassle free Warranty Replacement
  • 5. Extra thick and Solid Plates, Rigid and Long lasting and give more battery life, compare to Other batteries
  • 6. Very Old and Stable company, and Leading Automotive Battery Manufacturer
  • 7. Eight out of every 10 new cars in India roll out with Exide
  • 8. Exide is the only brand that offers a battery for every type of vehicle on Indian roads.
  • 9. Exide BATMOBILE, an emergency on-road service for any 4-wheeler with a battery problem Just dial the toll free number - 1800-103-5454
  • 10. and More value for your money

Exide is the market leader in batteries in India with a strong brand equity and widest distribution.

Now matter, other companies cant beat Exide by ruggedness, service, reliability and wide area network.

So  Prefers Exide the Best Car battery in India.