Friday, 26 June 2015

12v 7ah battery Review - 12v 7ah battery price

12v 7ah Battery Review -

Today we will review the Exide 12v 7ah battery.

Exide 12v 7ah  battery comes 1 year warranty directly by Exide.

Reason why should you buy the Exide 12v 7ah  battery
  • Most of the customers prefer Exide Brand, excellent reputation in the market, extremely well reliable, Good Customer reviews
  • It is a High Reliable, VRLA - DRY Sealed Maintainance Free Battery
  • Factory Charged, Eco Friendly,  Ready to use 
  • It give good service life
  • Techincal Collaboration with Shin Kobe Electric Machinery Co Japan, maker of world renowed Hitachi batteries
  • This non-spillable 12V 7AH sealed lead acid battery comes with a one-year warranty.
  •  Used for UPS, Inverters, Solar Equipments
  •  Average Battery life : 3 - 5 Year design life when used in standby applications, with proper usuage
  • Commonly used in Alarm Systems, Emergency Lighting, Ride on Toys, Torches, UPS systems and other electrical systems
  • Capacity 7 AH CCA
  • Wide Area support Network after Sales from Exide

- Do not Short Circuit
- Do not charge in a sealed container
- Service life and operational characteristics will be affected by temperature
- AC Ripple reduces service life.

You can buy this 12v 7ah battery from online from this url

Exide High Capacity Sealed Lead Acid Battery 12V 7Ah is perfect for Consumer Electronics, Motorcycles, Electric Vehicles, Photography, Engine Starters, Powersports, Golf, Carts, Portable Tools, Hunting, Solar, Lawn and Garden Tools, Toys and Hobbies, Medical Mobility, Trucking, Medical Equipment, Other Portable Equipment, Access Control Devices, Automotive and Cable Electronics, Electronic Equipment Requiring Memory Protection, Emergency Lighting, Security, Telecommunications Equipment, UPS Systems and other Electric Device, Rechargeable Flashlights, UPS, Fans, Electronic Toy-Cars, Alarm systems, Toys, Cable television, Communication equipment, Control equipment, Computers, Electronic cash registers, Electronic test equipment, Electric powered bicycle and wheelchairs, Fire and security systems, Geophysical equipment, Marine equipment, Medical equipment, Microprocessor based office machines, Portable cine & video lights, Power tools, Solar powered systems, Telecommunication systems, Television& video recorders, Uninterruptible power supplies, Vending machines.

Exide 12v 7ah  battery is used primarily in Fire alarms & Scurity Alarm pannels, but can used in numerous other applications inc. UPS, Emergency lighting, Stairlifts etc.

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