Thursday, 18 June 2015

Best Inverter batteries - Exide - The best inverter battery

Best Inverter battery - Best Inverter batteries 

Power cuts and voltage fluctuations are common problems in India especially in summer, you need to buy best inverter battery that are flawless and well suited for a wide range of inverter systems at emergency times.

Inverter battery has become a part and parcel of our day to day life. In common, we may use inverters, inverter battery or backup generator.

Presenting Exide Invasmart  from Exide

Feature of Invasmart Exide Inverter Battery

Enhanced life: Robust design prevents corrosion in positive plates which lowers degradation and enhances life expectancy

  • Low water loss: Optimised alloy system is most suitable for deep discharge applications by ensuring low water loss
  • Service life: Double-clad separation with special type ribbed PE envelope and glass mat increases the reliability and service life
  • Easy to connect: Lug type take-off makes the battery easy to connect
  • Easy maintenance: Float with Float Guide indicates MAX/MIN levels of electrolyte
  • State-of-charge: The Magic Eye indicates the state-of-charge of the battery

  • For 150 Ah, the customers can buy online from  and for 100 AH Invasmart battery, customers can buy online from this link