Saturday, 30 May 2015

Exide Solar Hybrid UPS FAQ

Exide Solar Hybrid UPS Faq

Condition 4 is not satisfied which is very important for me. Condition 4: Battery is Fully Charged and Solar Power is available (consider solar power < Load) In this case, Solar must be used to drive the power directly and balance power must be consumed from Mains/Grid and NOT from Battery"

1.Battery Banks Storage Power is cheaper than the mains/Grid. Imagine, Whenever the solar is available, and when your load is less,
the solar power is getting wasted so the UPS will charge the battery and system will reuse
directly the power from the battery instead of mains whenever the load is higher the Solar, this helps to lower the cost of Electricity Bill.
and if the Exide Solar Hybrid UPS follow your method, then there wont be much saving in Electricity and your battery is not efficiently being used, when there is load

2. There is predefine logic, where Once the battery is discharged to certain level, it switch directly to mains automatically

3. For all this requirements you need Solar batteries specially designed for this requirements, which we recommened Exide 6sLMS 150L solar, which is available from powerwale

Question 2: for Exide 1450 VA Solar UPS

can i add more than 2 batteries with this inverter. i want to install 1000 watt panels with 4 or 6 battery storage. ?? Pls help

 Yes you can do that, but make sure you can connect parallel, as this increase/doubles the capacity of battery AH and Voltage will remain same of 24 Volts.. Pls do it with Caution and have technical person.. to assit you..

Thanks Hope it clarifies

Powerwale Sales Team