Tuesday, 26 May 2015

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Welcome to the home of Bike Batteries. Powerwale has been selling Bike batteries for many years online. With an extensive network of suppliers there isn’t any bike we can’t find a battery for the best price. We deal from the largest motorcycles to the smallest scooters Including Bajaj, Hero, Honda, Kanda Motors, Kinetic Motors, LML, Mahindra 2-Wheelers, Royal Enfield, Sharda Automobiles, Suzuki, TVS, Vibgyor, Yamaha

We deal with Exide, Amaron, ACDelco bike batteries. For full range of collection you can visit to Buy Bike battery from this link http://www.powerwale.com/motorcycle-bike-battery

Applicable Bike Battery

• Bajaj, Type : Kick Start Mode 
CT100,CT100,CT100,Boxer (AT/CT/4S),Boxer (AT/CT/4S),Boxer (AT/CT/4S),Bravo-DC,Bravo-DC,Bravo-DC,Caliber115,Caliber115,Caliber115,Caliber Croma,Caliber Croma,Caliber Croma,Caliber-k Tec.,Caliber-k Tec.,Caliber-k Tec.,KB-4S,KB-4S,Wind-125,Wind-125,Aspire,Aspire,Champion,Champion,Discover 110,Discover 110,BYKE,BYKE,Platina100,Platina100,Platina DTS-SI,Platina DTS-SI,Discover135,Discover135,Discover M,Discover M,Pulsar,Pulsar 

• Hero, Type : Kick Start Mode 
Glamour FI,Achiever,CB100,Ambition,Super Splendour NXG,Glamour,CD 100SS,Sleek,Splendour,Splendour Plus,Passion Plus,Passion Pro,Street,Super Splendour,CD Dawn,CD Deluxe 

• Kinetic Motors, Type : Kick Start Mode 

• LML, Type : Kick Start Mode 
Supremo,Supremo,Beamer150,Beamer150,Freedom Prima125,Freedom Prima125,Adreno FX,Adreno FX,Energy FX,Energy FX,Freedom DX,Freedom DX,Graptor150,Graptor150,CRD100,CRD100,Freedom Topper,Freedom Topper,Freedom Prima110,Freedom Prima110 

Self (Electric) Start Mode Vehicle 
Hero Vehicle Mode:Self (Electric) Start 
Honda Vehicle Mode:Self (Electric) Start 
Dio,CB Dazzler,CB Trigger 
TVS Vehicle Mode:Self (Electric) Start 
Yamaha Vehicle Mode: (Electric) Start 
R15,YZF R15

• Mahindra 2-Wheelers Kick Start 

• Suzuki, Type : Kick Start Mode 

• TVS, Type : Kick Start Mode 
Centra,Max100R,Shaolin,Samurai,AX100,Shogun,Victor,Fiero,Star Sports,Fiero F2,Fiero FX,Victor GX,Star Std,Star City,Victor EDGE,Victor GLX125 

• Yamaha, Type : Kick Start Mode 
Rajdoot Std.,Enticer,Alba106,RZX135,Gladiator Std.,Crux,ACE,Gladiator DX,GladiadorSS125,YD125,YBX125,RXZ,RXG,RX135,LiberoG5,Fazer LX,Crux R

We deal with more than 250+ bike batteries, if you can find your list, pls contact www.powerwale.com