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Exide Solar Hybrid UPS 850 VA Review

Exide Solar Hybrid UPS Review

The below image show the Exide Solar Hybrid UPS LCD Interative Panel Functionality and this Excellent!!!

    In the Exide Hybrid Solar UPS LCD Panel it will show you the following features
    1. Solar Absent
    2. Solar Available
    3. PV Reverse Protection
    4. Fault Indication
    5. Fuse Trip Protection
    6. Main On/off
    7. Battery Status
    8. Over Load Indication
    9. Short Circuit Protection
    10. Blink Thermal Trip

    This Exide Solar Hybrid UPS gaves maximum savings compare to other models available in the market, There are almost all 6 modes in the which benefit to the customer, and this adjusted automatically, there is no need to switch the off the mains to save the electricity. This automatically disconnects the mains and supply the solar power to the house, and thus saves maximum electricity bill.

    The below are 4 components, which keeps on changing during the day and and Exide hybrid Solar UPS will take care of those parameters.

    1. Solar energy available
    2. Battery
    3. mains/grid
    4. Wht is my current Load

    Different Saving Modes of Exide Solar Hyrbid UPS

    1. If Solar is available, and If Battery is 100% Charged and Main is available, what will happen

    Load is operated through Solar (In this condition Mains is cut off by the Hybrid UPS and Generate maximum savings)

    In case Load is equal or less than Solar, Load is operated from Solar.
    In case Solar is less than Load then the balance amount of power comes from Battery.
    If the battery reaches a pre-defined discharged level,
    the load is connected to the mains and Solar charges the Battery

    2. If Solar is available, and If my battery is Fully or partially charged and Main is NOT available

    Load will be Operated by Solar or Solar & Battery

    In case Load is equal or less than Solar, Load is operated from Solar. In case Solar is less than Load then balance amount of power comes from Battery

    3. If Solar is available and My Battery is Partially Charged and my mains is available, wht will happen?

    Solar Energy is used to charge the Battery from the Mains/Grid, Load will be operated via Solar and remaining load will be operated via battery, once it battery discharges at predefined level, it goes back to Main, automatically

    for other Options pls refer to the table of under TRUE HYBRID LOGIC Section.

    Frequently asked Questions

    1. Wht is the maximum Solar panels watts I can use for Exide 850 VA

    Ans: We recommend maximum up to 750 KW Panels , Thus it give maximum saving of electricity bill and minimum could 100 kw, but to see saving you need minimum of 300 watts solar Panel

    2. Wht type of battery is recommended for the Exide Hybrid Solar UPS

    Ans: for 1450 VA you need 2 Nos of 150 AH (Always prefered C10 batteries). Pls go for Exide Solar 6LMS150L

    for 850 VA you need 1 No of 150 AH (Always prefered C10 batteries). Pls go for Exide Solar 6LMS150L

    You can buy the battery from this link

    3. Is this pure sinewave ? If I can opt for How much battery to be discharged before using grid in daytime to preserve the battery for night power cuts

    Yes it is a Pure Sinewave Hybrid UPS.

    pls refer to the table for Power cut logic under TRUE HYBRID LOGIC Section.

    4. Wht about If I have huge power cuts in my area?

    If there is huge power cut
    You should go for 2 batteries of 150 ah or more ah depending on you load/backup time
    There is a High charge button in the Solar exide ups in the front panel, when there are huge powercuts you can switch on the High charge button and this boost the charging to battery during the mains.

    5. Wht is this Solar Hybrid UPS means? How does it give much saving compare to other normal inverters

    Solar True Hybrid Technology Inverter/ UPS provides power from the battery upto 80% charging, if the battery is fully charged even when solar and grid power is available. After battery is discharged upto 80% level, Inverter/ UPS again start charging battery thru Solar power; resulting save money and save electricity.

    Solar Hybrid Technology used in Solar Hybrid UPS is the most innovative and advance technology that enable UPS to charge the power storage battery thru both on solar power (generated through solar panels) and the utility (grid) power supply using its artificial intelligence to maximize utilization of solar energy to empowering homes.

    It senses the availability of solar power, grid power and accordingly gives preference to charging thru solar power and switches to the grid power if the solar power is not available.

    6. Can You Provide me the Installation Layout?

    7. I have Installed the Solar panels and connected to the Exide Solar UPS, how do you know it is working Properly?


    1. Switch  on the Solar Button, you can see the Solar smile in the LCD
    2. If Solar is available, in the LCD you can see UPS ON and also Mains will be  OFF
    3. If Solar is unavailable, in the LCD you can see UPS Off and also Main ON

    Exide Solar Hybrid UPS is definitely a Best product compare to other Solar Hybrid pure sine wave UPS.
    It really saves the electricity bills, and has large features in built which can take heavy loads  and it DSP microprocessor design.
    Compare to normal inverter or ups, you need to pay extra of 2 K, which is really worth paying of it and need solar panel from starting from 100 KW to 750 KW.

    You can buy this 850 VA UPS from this link

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