Saturday 9 May 2015

Exide Solar battery Advantages

EXIDE 6 LMS 150L Solar Tubular battery Key ADVANTAGES

  • 1. It is C10 battery, that means compare to c20 battery, it gives extra backup, Low self discharge
  • 2. 1200 cycles at 80% DOD, 3000 Cycles at 50% DOD, 5000 cycles, at 20% DOD*, DOD is Depth of Discharge, Battery life is measured with cycles, when the battery is discharged up to 80% it will take 1 cycle, so you will have remaining 1199 cycles, so likelywise all the cycles are being used up to Zero.
  • 3. This comes with 5 years warranty 4. Average Life is 7-10 years, compare normal tubular battery where it comers 5-7 years.
  • 4. Torr Tubular Positive Plates made in high pressure HADI casting machine which makes longer life with high reliability.
  • 5. Low topping up frequency. Made up of Special alloy in grids and pastes results very low water loss.
  • 6. Provides extra life of battery because of Special non-woven gauntlet for positive plates.
  • 7. Solar batteries are approved by MNRE

So Customers should can buy with confidence and take EXIDE 6LMS150L Solar Tubular battery with does the shipping across all over the INDIA. You can Buy from the 6 LMS 150L Solar Tubular battery from this link

6LMS150 AH

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