Saturday, 19 September 2015

Microtek Ss 1130 Solar Ups/Inverter Questions

Questions for Microtek 1130VA Solar Hybrid Ups Inverter 12 Volts Single Battery

 Question 1 : How many fans, tube lights can be run using this UPS? Is this meant for only to backup computer?  Pls answer

Answer: you need External Solar battery we prefer Exide only this model

Exide 6lms150 Solar batteries you can order from this link (,

Exide Solar panels for this UPS, and this can be used for computer as well also,

You will have electricity bill saving, as this not a normal inverter, it is a solar ups.

you can run 1 computer, 1 tv, 5 tube lights, 5 Fans.

You can order Directly from this link

Question:3 What is the maximum solar panel voltage? i have a panel of 250w which has voltage of 30v. will this inverter work with my panel?

Ans: You can go up 500watts panels for this Solar hybird ups and
Sorry voltage should be 12V not the 30V

Question: 4 If both solar power and grid power is available does this inverter solar source to provide output, or solar power is used only for battery charging

Ans: Basically both and depends on your load, during the Solar available, if your load is less and more solar available, then source will be Solar panel

If your load is more than Solar available, it will use rest of the load from battery

If your load is very less and battery is discharge, then it will charge the battery.

Question 5: Can I see the warranty card images

For any Question for this ups, pls email

You can order Directly from this link

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