Monday, 14 September 2015

Microtek Solar SS 1660 UPS Questions

Microtek Solar SS 1660 UPS Questions

Question : some body told me when battery is fully charged then
only battery will be used to light the house, in case sun grid ?

Dear Sir, Microtek Solar UPS always gives first preference to Solar Power while charging the battery. It senses the availability of Solar Power/Mains Power and gives charging preference to the Solar Power Charge and switches to the Mains Power only when the Solar Power is not available. Hope it clarifies.. Thanks Powerwale Sales Team

Question: What maximum solar panels can i install for this Solar UPS?
Ans:You can go up to 1000W 24v Solar Panel for SS1660 Model. and Minimum we recommend atleast 300 Watts to see some powersavings.

Question 3: Pls suggest Solar ups for 3 Fan ,5 cfl light,Tv ,Computer,mixer (600 to 700 wt)  contention--- 2-12v Batteries      


You can purchase the following based on your requirement

1 1660 Solar Hybrid ups
2 Two batteries
3 24V MAx up to 1000 watts