Sunday, 12 July 2015

Exide IT 500 Battery Review

Exide IT 500 Battery Review - Exide IT 500 Battery

IT 500 Exide battery is the first inverter battery, which has been liked by many Indian customer.
because of the Very Long life, 800 to 1000 cycles of deep discharge as against 300/400 cycles of other batteries, Average life of span battery can say around 5-8 years, It is user friendly, Can withstand overcharge better, Very good Consistent Quality, Acid volume per ampere hour is 30% more than that of ordinary tubular batteries. It acts as a coolant and also ensures very low maintenance, It is user friendly, Occupies less floor space, totally new look

It made up of Ironclad® Tubular Technology, Confirm standards to IS 13369-1992, Tower type design, Deep cycle design, Resistance to abuse, Common Side Venting.

Exide IT 500 Battery comes with 48 Months (36 Months Free of Cost Warranty + 12 Months Pro-Rata Warranty), with 12 Volts, Manafutured by Exide, Model No is Inva Tubular IT 500 with 
Tubular type and Capacity is 150 AH

You can purchase IT 500 battery from

Exide Inva Tubular batteries are designed specially to withstand long and frequent powercuts. These Abuse resistant require minimum maintenance and also have an electrolyte level indicator. These long lasting batteries have 30% more Acid volume per ampere hour than ordinary tubular batteries and can withstand over charge better