Friday, 31 July 2015

Best Solar Battery - Exide 6LMS150L Solar Battery 150 AH

Best Exide 6LMS150L Solar Battery 12V 150AH

The Tubular batteries manufactured by Exide are many steps ahead of other available options in the market. The reasons that make this product a much superior performer lies in selectively chosen alloy, high pressure casting in HADI machines, in-house oxide formulation, imported microporous separators and vent plugs ensure a long life & reliable storage power solution. The combination of low antimony alloy in the positive spine and ceramic vent plugs keep the water topping up requirement very low.


Features of Exide 6LMS150L Solar Battery 12V 150AH

  1. Ideally designed for daily cyclic application
  2. Ultra low maintenance
  3. Excellent charging efficiency
  4. Low rate of self discharge
  5. Superior voltage and energy output profile

You can purchase the battery from the below Link