Thursday, 27 August 2015

Exide IT 500 Gel Battery Review

Exide IT 500 Gel Battery Review

  • Maintenance free battery
  • Float charging voltage 13.5 to 13.8
  • Better suited for long duration discharges
  • Gel batteries are designed so they wont leak and they can be used anyway up.
  • GEL batteries are filled with silica type gels that suspend the electrolyte allowing flow between mats. 
  • Moreover Exide Support and Exide Indian Wide Warranty
  • Best suited Inverter battery with out NO Distilled water Required.
  • You can use with Existing Normal Home UPS from above 600 VA
  • Ensure that your inverter/ups Wont charge beyond 14.4 Volts, Other wise your battery will spoil soon
  • No Headache of filling distilled water and maintaining the battery, Fit and Forgot!!!

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Features of Exide IT 500 Gel Battery 150 AH

  • VRLA convenience with Torr Tubular toughness.
  • Maintenance free tubular battery.
  • Housed in tall EL/DIN containers and occupies less floor space.
  • Gelled electrolyte – no topping up, no spillage.
  • Unscrew-protected durable valve for pressure regulation with filter disc.

  • Most suitable for deep cycle application.